• OTA start In-Home Live Taekwondo classes & Private lesson

Here at Olympic Taekwondo Academy

We understand the worry and concern everyone may be feeling now.

During the closing we started online class and online private lesson on March 23rd for only our current members to practice at home. We will use  You don’t need an account. Please find the picture below and just follow the steps. All students should book through our website so we can be ready for online private lesson.  Click the link –>

And you can log in our website to see new uploaded video about our curriculum.

This is a very hard time for all. Let’s hope this problem has a resolution soon.

We will continue to communicate through email, text message, and Facebook as we create additional resources for you to benefit from at home. More information about that should be coming later on this week. We are working hard to make the best of this situation for everyone.

Thank you!


Grand Master Cho & Jung



  1. Two time a week Taekwondo class
  2. One time a week Private lesson
  3. Fill Check list out your  Training log related stripe system
  4. Prepare to promote belt rank
  • SIMSBURY – Online class schedule
  • Enter ID # 413-450-9894
  • Farmington – Online class schedule 
  • Enter ID # 413-450-9894

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